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More than just bread. 

It's someone's second chance. 


Who We Are


Baked T'Shuvah is a love affair between bread and redemption. Our artisanal challah is baked and prepared fresh by residents of Beit T'Shuvah, a non-profit recovery community and congregation in the heart of Culver City, California.  

By supporting Baked T'Shuvah, you are doing a mitzvah–a good deed. From job training in the bakery to the money that provides treatment to those who can't afford it, this is a cause worth eating for. Oh, and the bread is downright addicting. And trust us, we know all about addiction.


Orders made before 12:00pm on Thursday will be available for pick-up at Beit T’Shuvah on Friday afternoon. Any order placed after 12:00pm Friday will be available for pick-up the following week.

Challah is the symbol of life and transformation.

Braided challah, traditionally made with eggs, is the Jewish Sabbath‑and‑holiday bread. It is surrounded by folklore and tradition and loaded with symbolism.

The first mention of challah dates back to 15th century Austria, where housewives kneaded the dough on Thursday, let it rise overnight, and got up early on Friday to bake it. They often baked all the bread for the week at the same time, so as not to waste fuel. The distinctive smell that emanates from the oven and fills the house when it is baked is the Sabbath aroma that pervades the memories of the old Yiddish-speaking world.

Baked T'Shuvah brings the old world to now, so you can make everyday a challah-day.



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